My Jane Stickle Quilt   22 - 0 - 0 - 545

This is my as-yet-unnamed "Dear Jane" quilt. 
To date
I have completed:  22 blocks - 0 triangles - 0 corners - 545 pieces

Jane Stickle made a wonderful quilt - thanks to books and software we can recreate her designs.  If you'd like to know more about Jane Stickle and her quilt visit  I used software from Electric Quilt for my layout and printing the various templates, rotary cutting instructions, and appliqué patterns needed for my quilt.

The plan is to make a 40 of the same block and another 40 different blocks, set them in an alternating layout, and finish with a double border of triangles.  I will be using my scraps and stash fabric as much as possible for the "darks", and a variety of white-on-whites in cream and ivory for the background fabrics.  I'm making 6" blocks (and fewer blocks) than the original Jane Stickle quilt, but even so some of the pieces are only 3/4".  As with many quilts, I'm wandering from the plan as I work on it, either by accident or on purpose.  This quilt was started June 2005.  Here's the quilt - as planned.

and here are the completed blocks so far
*click on a block for more information

E-12 E-3 E-3  
E-3 H-5 E-3 H-9 E-3 F-6 E-3 G-8  
E-3 G-9 E-3 I-7 E-3 I-10 E-3  
E-3 I-8 E-3 I-4 E-3 I-13 E-3 J-1  
J-13 E-3 J-5 E-3 L-5 E-3 M-13 E-3  
E-3 L-11 E-3 L-2 E-3 M-2 E-3 L-9  
K-12 E-3 L-3 E-3 M-7 E-3 M-8 E-3  
E-3 j-8 E-3 J-11 E-3 K-1 E-3 C-10  

* This Virtual Design Wall is used by permission of Sharon Mastbrook, who says "permission is granted for use by Dear Janers to use on his/her personal computer, website, or for use in a Dear Jane teaching class. If using for a class, please give credit to me, Sharon Mastbrook, as the creator of the Virtual Design Wall and various piecing tutorials."

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